Integrated Energy Works prepares you for Holistic Wellness!


How to work with Integrated Energy Works? 

We offer workshops, classes and other events in the DFW area and available to travel to other locations.

The workshops and training are designed to expand your horizons and give you tools to help you cope with day to day living. You will gain confidence, knowledge, positive attitude, peace in your life along with inner peace and empowerment on a level you have never experienced before.

What else?

Increase your confidence in yourself, and your capacity to handle challenges you are faced with. Begin to live a more authentic life as you gain freedom from the physical, emotional, stress and anxiety of day-to-day life. You will also gain a spiritual connection to your purpose and opportunity to be fully self expressed as you learn new tools and techniques.

So what are you waiting for?

Call or email me today and lets get you started.

email: to schedule your time for change, also goggle+

Skype/Twitter: EFTPamJackson

Cell: 214-457-3434 (leave a message or a text with contact information so we can schedule you day for change.




We step outside the box and take a look in from a different perspective. Opening our minds to the possibilities of Holistic Energy Work in combination with traditional ideas and thoughts.

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